Controlling your diabetes condition includes diet, exercise, healthy weight, and if you smoke, stop.

Cash for Diabetic Test StripsWe Buy Diabetic Test Strips: When you have been diagnosed with diabetes mellitus your doctor will tell you which type you have. There are three different types and your lifestyle changes and the way you manage it will depend greatly on which type it is.

Type I is usually found in young patients, as it begins in childhood. It is also known as juvenile diabetes, insulin dependent diabetes, or IDDM. This is the more serious diagnosis as you will most likely have to manage not only your diet but your insulin as well. This is the type that requires injections of insulin or an insulin pump. The body, in this case, does not make enough insulin naturally, which is why the patients of this type must inject it artificially.

Type II is known as adult onset diabetes, non-insulin dependent diabetes, or NIDDM. It is most often managed by diet primarily. This is caused by the body’s resistance to insulin, meaning that the cells don’t use the insulin available to them as needed.

Gestational diabetes refers to women who are pregnant and are experiencing temporary diabetic glucose levels that are present only in the pregnancy. Most of these patients don’t have diabetic reactions when not pregnant. Their glucose levels are unusually high just during their gestational period but there is a future possibility of them developing Type II at a later time in life.

There are other types of diabetes that are not quite so common. Congenital diabetes derives from congenital defects, cystic fibrosis diabetes occurs as a result of the CF disease, steroid diabetes caused by glucocorticoids, and others.

“Type I is usually found in young patients, as it begins in childhood.”

The one positive aspect of this disease as opposed to others is that it is fully treatable and has been for decades. The first insulin was in use in the early 1920’s and medication controls Type II. There is no cure for any of the types of diabetes, but with careful monitoring you can live a fairly normal and active life. The treatments have improved over the years and continue to improve through research.

Controlling your condition includes diet, exercise, healthy weight, and if you smoke, stop. Monitoring your glucose levels with a home monitor is critical and if your doctor suggests it, you will soon see that the needed strips can be expensive. Surplus diabetic test strips are available for a fraction of the cost. Just be sure to order the right type for your specific monitoring equipment.

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