Celebrities with DiabetesIt’s not just everyday people who battle with this disease, there are many well-known celebrities who suffer from  diabetes.

Diabetes News – Cash for Diabetic Test Strips: When Paula Deen announced that she had Type 2 diabetes it came as no big surprise to many of us. Ms Deen is typical of how most of us think about diabetics. She’s overweight and obviously eats an incredibly bad diet. It is true that people who are prone to diabetes do tend to be overweight, neither do they exercise regularly.

But surprisingly, one of the best known celebrities with diabetes is Halle Berry, and she certainly doesn’t fit that profile. It’s hard to imagine that this beautiful willowy actress has the same problem as Paula Deen!

Diabetes Does Not Discriminate

Halle Berry battled with diabetes at first but after collapsing one day in 1989 and being in a diabetic coma for seven days she is now using her experience to tell others how they can deal with their disease every day and still live normal and productive lives.

Then there’s Nick Jonas. Diabetes hit him like a ton of bricks. He had to curtail a concert tour when doctors found he had a blood sugar level over 700. He was rushed to hospital and was also in a diabetic coma for a week.

Again this is a healthy young man of normal weight who now has to monitor his blood sugar levels at least 10 times a day. Imagine having to do that while spending your life in the limelight, touring and performing onstage hundreds of times a year.

Of course there are many other celebrities with diabetes who quietly manage and control their disease in private. No doubt being wealthy must help a great deal. Some celebrities have a personal chef who travels with them to ensure they stay on a strict diet.

For the everyday person, this is not feasible. To overcome all the inherent problems that come along with diabetes does mean educating yourself as much as possible about what you eat. If you’re overweight, it should also involve a strict exercise regimen.

If you have Type I diabetes you must be prepared to spend the rest of your life testing regularly and taking insulin.

Other Celebrities with Diabetes

  • Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler was diagnosed with type I diabetes in 2008.
  • Larry King has Type 2 diabetes.

Diva Patti LaBelle suffers from Type 2 diabetes. Her story is much like that of Nick Jonas and Halle Berry – she passed out on stage unaware of her disease.

Halley educates. Nick Jonas isn’t afraid to talk about his disease with everybody he meets. Patty Labelle writes cookbooks to help other diabetics learn how to prepare interesting and healthy food.

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Not something those celebrities with diabetes would have to do, but for people like you and me it makes sound economic sense.

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