Just because you are diabetic doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your holidays. If you are under treatment for a diabetic condition, your blood sugar levels are likely to have stabilized already. In order to continue keeping the levels under control and still enjoy your vacation, you just need to take certain precautions. If you follow these basic guidelines, you can have a great time while vacationing, just like everyone else.

We Buy Diabetic Test StripsThe first thing you must realize is that you’re only human and will be tempted to stray while on holiday. Once you’re prepared for that eventuality, you can look out for the warning signals that might betray you and pre-empt them accordingly. Watch yourself when temptation crosses your path and hold yourself back. Don’t go on a guilt trip and don’t deprive yourself of every appetizing bite that you come across. Deal with the temptation by allowing yourself a tiny morsel of forbidden fruit and cut back on something else to compensate.

One of the ways that you can pre-empt the temptation is by eating a little something before hand which is nutritious, and more important, permitted. If you’re fairly full before facing a buffet of food that you know is bad for you, you may be able to reduce the cravings. If you can’t eat some appropriate food first, then attack the soup and salads on the buffet table, and fill up on nutritious stuff. You’ll find that you don’t have enough appetite to indulge in too much of the wrong foods.

If you’re going out for dinner to someone’s house, you could inform your host or hostess in advance about any dietary restrictions you have. Most people don’t mind making a little extra effort for a valued guest. So they might offer a salad with a low fat dressing, or even a sugar free dessert or an artificial sweetener, in addition to sugar, with the coffee served. These are little gestures that no-one minds making in order to make a guest feel more comfortable.

You also need to remember that alcohol contains calories and may affect the efficacy of your medications. So it may be wise to consult your physician for advice before you start your holidays. It’s also well worth your while to monitor your sugar levels during your holidays either with diabetic strips or a blood sugar monitor. You can now go ahead and have a great vacation!

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