What is Diabetic Coma?Diabetic coma can occur when glucose levels in the blood are too high (hyperglycemia) or too low (hypoglycemia) for a prolonged period.

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This condition is a danger mostly for Type 1 diabetes sufferers, although it can occasionally be a danger for Type 2 sufferers and in pregnant women (gestational diabetes).

This happens when blood sugar levels are too low. When the muscles run out of fuel, and they need glucose to function properly the body compensates by breaking down stores of fat instead. This process produces toxic acids called ketones.

Hyperosmolar syndrome

If glucose levels go over 600 milligrams per deciliter this is known as diabetic hyperosmolar syndrome.

The blood becomes thickened by the excess glucose. The kidneys react by pushing the excess sugar into the urine, which in the process draws increased amounts of fluid from the body. Hyperosmolar syndrome occurs mostly in the middle-aged and elderly who have Type 2 diabetes and if ignored can result in dehydration and diabetic coma.

Hyperosmolar syndrome is often an indicator for diabetes. It produces a feeling of excessive thirst resulting in frequent urination, nausea and extreme fatigue.


The body and brain need glucose to function properly and in cases of hypoglycemia low blood sugar can cause someone to lose consciousness. There are two common causes for this in diabetics – an excess of insulin or not enough food.

Overexertion and consuming too much alcohol will also make the blood sugar level drop quickly, leading to someone passing out. The faster glucose levels plummet, the faster the person will pass out and the more severe the symptoms will be.

Before a diabetic coma, there are telltale signs if it’s caused by high blood sugar levels. Typically the first signs will be feeling excessively thirsty. Even though you are drinking large quantities of liquid you still feel thirsty and of course you’re urinating much more often. You may feel sick or vomit and be short of breath accompanied by an increased pulse rate.

Diabetic Coma brought on by Low Blood Sugar (Hypoglycemia)

If your blood sugar is too low you may begin to feel fatigued, shaky or jumpy and you may feel either sick or very hungry. It often brings on a temporary personality change – you may become extremely irritable or even aggressive or very confused.
Emergency help will be required in either of these situations especially if the person has passed out. If you are with someone whom you know is a diabetic then be sure to tell medical personnel.

For someone who passes out suddenly or exhibits a combination of these symptoms it may be the first indication that the person is suffering from diabetes.

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