What is Diabetic Shock?Diabetic shock, otherwise known in medical terms as hypoglycemia is one of the many serious medical risks that diabetics face. Testing regularly and keeping an eye on the amount of food you eat, and the amount of exercise you’re getting will help you understand how much insulin is in your system.

Diabetes Tips – Cash for Diabetic Test StripsThe initial symptoms are often so mild that they are ignored or put down to other reasons. But should you start feeling lightheaded or dizzy for no apparent reason, it’s a good idea to get some help, especially if you are on your own. One of the first major indications of diabetic shock is the patient will pass out. If left alone for too long this can lead to coma and sometimes death.

Don’t be embarrassed by your condition. Millions of people around the world suffer from diabetes so make sure your family, friends and colleagues know about your disease and what they should do if you exhibit signs of severe fatigue or dizziness or you pass out.

Symptoms of Hypoglycemia or Diabetic Shock

Hypoglycemia or diabetic shock is an indication of low blood sugar. If you start feeling strange then testing your blood sugar level will immediately tell you if you need to take an insulin shot, other medication recommended by your doctor, or eat or drink something that contains sugar immediately.

Unfortunately, hypoglycemia can occur even with those who do manage their diabetes well.

In people without diabetes, their cells break down carbohydrates into sugar and use that for energy. The pancreas breaks down the sugar so it can be more easily assimilated by the body and regulates the levels of sugar in the blood.

An extremely high level of sugar in the blood comes with another set of problems, including damage to the major organs, the nervous system and eyesight begins to suffer. Managing those swings in blood sugar levels can be difficult.

It doesn’t matter how many specialists and doctors you consult about your problem it is up to you to learn how to control it, either with medication or exercise and diet.

What Causes Diabetic Shock?

There are a number of reasons why diabetics must be careful about everything they do in their daily lives. Think of yourself as a car, your body needs fuel just like a vehicle. If you travel farther or longer than normal in a vehicle with a limited amount of fuel, it will quickly grind to a halt. Your body is just the same so doing more physical activities that normal will deplete the amount of fuel in your body

Missing a meal it’s like driving past a filling station when you know your vehicle is in nearly empty! Never miss a meal and always eat a number of small meals at regular times during the day. Test your blood regularly and take your insulin shots and medication at the same time every day. It’s a habit that you must get into and it goes along with maintain a healthy diet and exercise.

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