Symptoms are numerous for diabetes, whether you have Type I or Type II.

Diabetic SymptomsBy We Buy Diabetic Test Strips: In both Type I and Type II diabetes there are symptoms that might warrant a trip to your health care provider for a discussion. If you experience symptoms of diabetes it is important that you get treatment and start monitoring your blood glucose levels right away.

Many of the symptoms are the same for both types, but your doctor will help you to determine which type you may have. Although the symptoms may be close in their presentation, you won’t receive the same treatment or monitoring instructions. They are actually very different and Type I is much more serious than Type II. Type I usually begins in childhood and most that suffer Type I require insulin injections or an insulin pump to retain steady blood sugar levels. Type II can usually be controlled through diet and other methods. It’s important to know which you have.

Frequent need to urinate is one sign that is universal. With inadequate working insulin, the kidneys find it difficult to do their job of filtering and draw moisture from your body to help the dilution of excess glucose. This may also be why you feel incredibly thirsty. You might feel as though you cannot get enough to drink.

“The possibility that you are diabetic should be discussed with your health care professional if you suspect you have symptoms.”

Feeling weak and more tired than usual could be a definite sign that you should be checked for diabetes. Your body needs the glucose to help transform your food into energy. The cells don’t react in their normal way when there is a shortage of insulin, and the cells block the glucose needed for energy, which would explain why you are more tired than normal. If there doesn’t seem to be any other explanation for your fatigue, diabetes might be the reason.

If you have found that your weight is dropping off without you trying to lose it could be a big clue. This is particularly true with Type I. There may be an autoimmune problem with cells in the pancreas that attack the insulin cells to use it for energy. The result is that the muscle tissue and body fat are utilized, causing weight loss. Type II sufferers may not notice the weight loss as it will be more gradual.

Tingling in your extremities is another sign, as is numb feet, legs, or hands. Blurry vision, wounds that don’t heal, and itching or dry skin are also signs. In combination, any of these should be reported and discussed with your health care professional.

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