Sell Diabetic Test Strips for Cash!

We Buy Diabetic Test StripsThe strips that you must use to test your blood glucose can be quite expensive. They don’t seem to be very complicated and the materials used to make them are relatively inexpensive. So why are they so costly?

The biggest reason they costs so much is that the science is very specific where they are concerned. There are tests that must be conducted and research to be studied. This is the part that dictates the expense of the product, not necessarily the material costs of the actual strips. They must be absolutely accurate with a very tiny margin of error so you know how to take care of your health. Without them you’d have trouble knowing your levels and how to adjust your food or insulin intake.

The number of diabetics in America alone has increased by huge numbers, which also makes the medical supplies go up in price. Supply and demand works in the health industry just as it does anywhere else. How can you reduce your costs of these very necessary medical supplies?

One thing you can do is to check with your insurance company to see if you are covered for your diabetes supplies and equipment. Many people are covered, but don’t know it, as it’s something you can buy at the pharmacy or online without a prescription. The clerk at the big box drug store isn’t going to ask you if you have insurance when you put the box of strips on the checkout counter. She’ll simply ring it up and take your money.

The test strips you buy may not be covered by your insurance. That means you’ll have to find an alternative way to pay for them. When it comes out of your pocket, especially if you are on a fixed income, that can be a devastating new expense to deal with if you are recently diagnosed.

“One thing you can do is to check with your insurance company to see if you are covered for your diabetes supplies”

You can buy excess strips from websites that collect them from those that don’t need them anymore. Perhaps a loved one entered a nursing home and had extras at home. Some people change monitors and that requires a new type of strip, so the extras they bought for the old monitor no longer work. You could be the lucky recipient of those excess strips.

Be sure they are the right kind for your monitor, that they are unopened, and still within the expiration date. You’ll find huge discounts by purchasing excess diabetic test strips.

You may find yourself having extra strips frequently or occasionally. There are many reasons people have extra strips including the doctor changing your machine, testing yourself less frequently, a loved one goes into a nursing home that provides the test strips for them…and many more. If your boxes of strips meet our buying criteria, we can pay you cash the same day. We will pay for the boxes of strips and shipping via check or paypal, whichever you prefer. We have many repeat sellers because we pay fast and provide exceptional customer service! We purchase boxes that are not expired and are unopened.

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