Cash for Diabetic Test Strips If you have been diagnosed with diabetes you have most likely researched the supplies you will need to manage your condition. When you check out the costs, you’ll notice that they are quite high. These are supplies you will need daily in most cases, so you’ve figured out that even with the help of partial insurance payment it could put a big dent in your budget.

The strips you will use to check your sugar levels in the blood are called diabetic tests strips. They are usually made from paper that has a coating of reactive chemical. The chemical interacts with your blood to tell you the level of blood sugar.

The strips are not designed to be reused. There is just one use per strip. Even if you make an error with the one you are using, you must throw it away and get a fresh one. By using a strip that has already made interaction with blood, you would not get an accurate reading by trying again. The strips use a very sensitive chemical to do the testing so directions must be followed closely in order to get the true reading.

“Using expired test strips is also a very bad idea”

When you place blood on the strip and you don’t see the color appear as it should, that’s usually because there is either too much or too little blood used. This would cause a reading that is inaccurate or abnormal. If this happens you must toss the strip away and use a new one.

Most of the reuse of diabetic test strips occurs when people cannot afford to buy an adequate supply. Perhaps they run out before their budget allows for them to buy more. If they have put some used ones aside, they can reuse those until they get more, or so they believe.

On the same note, using expired test strips is also a very bad idea. Old and expired strips don’t react properly to the blood sample. When you open a new vial of strips it might be helpful to mark the date on a calendar or on the bottle itself. This way you can be sure that once four months have passed, it’s time to throw the bottle away and open a new one.

There is a new way to buy your diabetic test strips. You can purchase strips that others have in excess. They are unopened boxes and are within the expiration period and will cost you much less to purchase.

You may find yourself having extra strips frequently or occasionally. There are many reasons people have extra strips including the doctor changing your machine, testing yourself less frequently, a loved one goes into a nursing home that provides the test strips for them…and many more. If your boxes of strips meet our buying criteria, we can pay you cash the same day. We will pay for the boxes of strips and shipping via check or paypal, whichever you prefer. We have many repeat sellers because we pay fast and provide exceptional customer service! We purchase boxes that are not expired and are unopened.

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