“You must watch every single bite that you eat and you must test your glucose levels regularly”

Cash for Diabetic Test StripsDiabetes Tips – Cash for Diabetic Test Strips: Looking over the dessert section at the local buffet restaurant, there was an automatic feeling of exclusion. Somehow, since being diagnosed with diabetes Type II she was under the impression that the world as she knew it was never going to be the same.

In a way, she’s right. On some levels, of course, life becomes much different when you are suddenly told that you must watch every single bite that you eat and you must test your glucose levels regularly. Exercise has to be a regular part of your day, where it used to be ok to just go for a hike with friends once a month or so. So yes, in a way life will have changed.

There are a growing number of diabetics being discovered daily across America, however, and that has led to an equally growing number of businesses that are sensitive to that fact. There is a very few restaurants, for example, that don’t serve at least one dessert that diabetics can eat with joy. The choice may be limited, but at least you won’t be relegated to pulling an apple out of your purse to eat while your luncheon buddies are partaking in a rich chocolate raspberry cheesecake. That wouldn’t be much fun and could actually cause you to cheat instead of feeling so deprived.

Since more and more diabetics are being discovered, there are equal numbers of new choices being offered just about everywhere you look. Go to the local fast food place to grab a cup of black coffee with sugar. You can’t use regular sugar, of course, but you will now find at least one sugar free alternative to add to your cup of joe.

As a healthy food wave also comes over average Americans you are likely to be one of a few that eats that apple after dinner. If the restaurant doesn’t offer them, or other healthy alternatives for dessert, you’ll see more people than just you choosing to skip it altogether. Rather than have that happen, economically savvy restaurateurs will be offering desserts that you can indulge in.

The last buffet I attended had a whole shelf filled with sugar free and diabetic friendly desserts. The variety was impressive. It has moved from 3 shelves of regular desserts and one diabetic pudding alternative to 2 shelves of ordinary desserts and 1 full shelf with several options to choose from.

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