FDA Diabetic Test Strip RecallsFinding out that the FDA has recalled your diabetic test strips can present a problem. Take a good look at the specific lot numbers and brands if this occurs and replace them.

Cash for Diabetic Test Strips Recalls for diabetic test strips are rare, but every now and then the FDA will issue a recall notice. If you are diabetic or know someone who is, and hear about a test strip recall, the important to do is to check the exact details of the recall. Like any other factory recall, the lot number, date, and model are significant as they make a big difference. One serial or control number or letter off and you could find that yours are perfectly usable and don’t need to be returned or replaced.

All recalls for medical equipment issued by the Federal Drug Agency are carefully issued and it doesn’t happen unless there is good reason for them to be concerned. While diabetic test strips won’t harm you if they are not properly registering the blood glucose levels, you can find yourself taking more insulan than necessary or not enough to regulate your levels. Take the FDA recall warnings seriously, as you would with any other drug or equipment recall.

In 2010 there were recalls that could have potentially affected at least some of the 24 million diabetic patients that live in the USA. The test strips in question at that time were not absorbent enough to collect the appropriate amount of blood for an accurate reading. This particular recall did not have any effect on the blood glucose monitors themselves, but only the test strips used for the tests.

Other adverse affects that are possible with diabetic test strips can occur when strips are exposed to extreme heat or are out of date and beyond the expiration printed on the box. In any of these cases, it is important to replace those strips that may be giving you incorrect readings. If you notice a recall by the FDA on any of your test strips, they can be replaced for you. If you don’t have enough of them to last until you get more, contact your doctor or other health care provider for instructions and note that you are aware of the FDA recall.

If you must buy your own test strips and you notice a recall by the FDA, be aware that you can always purchase diabetic test strips quickly and inexpensively through distributors that buy and resell test strips from those who either don’t use that type any more or who have no need for them. They sell unopened, fresh diabetic test strips at a discount rate.

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