Sell Diabetic Test Strips for Cash“Where there is little school budget for extra classes and peripheral subjects, health classes may be cut along with music, art, and sports.”

We Buy Diabetic Test Strips: Diabetes affects so many people today that it makes sense to begin at the childhood level in teaching good eating habits.

How many kids could reduce the possibility of becoming diabetic at a later time in their lives if they learned good snack habits while they were still children in the growing stages?

You may find yourself having extra strips frequently or occasionally. There are many reasons people have extra strips including the doctor changing your machine, testing yourself less frequently, a loved one goes into a nursing home that provides the test strips for them…and many more. If your boxes of strips meet our buying criteria, we can pay you cash the same day. We will pay for the boxes of strips and shipping via check or paypal, whichever you prefer. We have many repeat sellers because we pay fast and provide exceptional customer service! We purchase boxes that are not expired and are unopened.

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